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Welcome to lotr_literotica!

We are a closed-membership community, but you are welcome to read the stories. If you wish to monitor this community, click here. By friending this community, you state that you are of legal age to read adult material.

What we're about:

Literotica is a condensation of "literary erotica," in this case, The Lord of the Rings literary erotica. What do we mean by this? "It is better to travel hopefully than to arrive," or "It is better to describe and experience every nuance of feeling and arousal rather than to experience the pinnacle of climax". As has been said, porn is the arrival, erotica is the journey.

The input of this group is subjective, and there is no helping that. We do not pretend to be impartial, unbiased, or fair. Our definition of literary erotica may be different from yours, and almost certainly is. We seek to showcase and encourage the emotive over the physical, the sensual over the sexual. There are multitudes of sterling communities that archive LOTR fanfiction of all kinds, and we laud and love all of them. We do not wish to rival any of them. Rather, we wish to provide a niche for the outstanding literary efforts that we stumble across from time to time. There is an enormous wealth of talent in this fandom, writers diverse and unique. The ones we love best are the wordsmiths, those who take the simple act of a kiss and turn it into a stomach fluttering moment that you finish reading only to realise that you have been holding your breath the whole time without knowing it. Sometimes these are by people that we've all heard of, and sometimes we find a hidden gem that turns out to be the only erotic piece that writer has ever done.

We suggest a maximum rating of R, because we want to find the beauty (and the ugliness) in love and sex. It's not about beads of come and battered prostates. Don't get us wrong; we want you to write about sex, but we also want you to write about Desire, Lust, Unrequited Love, Voyeurism, Bitterness, Denial, all the light and dark that makes us human. Think "Death in Venice" rather than "Emmanuelle".

Member/Watcher information:

This is a closed community for one reason only: the input is subjective. Our viewpoint on what is literary in quality is only our opinion. We operate on an invitational basis because if we were to set up an application process, we would inevitably hurt feelings, which is quite opposite of our goals in this endeavour. You are, however, welcome to point out any worthy stories you may come across, either your own or someone else's, if you believe they merit our consideration.

About feedback:

The authors appreciate your comments, both glowing reviews and constructive criticism. However, the Mods will not tolerate rude, abusive, or non-constructive comments. Anyone leaving a pointlessly negative comment will be banned from further commenting.

A few other notes:

1. Both bookverse and movieverse are allowed, but please, no RPF.
2. No advertising/spamming, please.
3. Fics based on any one of Tolkien's works are allowed, not just ord of the Rings.